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What are vinyl lettering and graphics?
How do you install the designs?
Does Words Anywhere have a satisfaction guarantee?
How soon will I have my lettering or graphic?
What surfaces can I apply the vinyl to?
Can I reuse the designs?
Can the designs be used in rooms with high humidity like bathrooms?
Can I use the designs outdoors?
Can the designs be applied to tile?
How long do I need to wait after painting before I apply vinyl lettering?
Can vinyl lettering be cleaned?
Can I order lettering that is over 12.5" tall?
How do you measure the lettering?
Can I get a color sample?
How do you remove the designs?
How can I get a catalog?
Can I purchase a gift certificate?
I still have questions, where can I get more help?

Can I still access the old (classic) design center?
What are vinyl lettering and graphics? 
You can think of vinyl lettering and graphics as a special type of sticker.  They are individually cut, thin, self-adhesive and can be applied to most any smooth non-porous surface.  They are literally "paper thin" (approximately 3 mm - about the thickness of 3 coats of latex paint).  Our indoor colors are matte finished and absorb light giving them the finished appearance of a flat or satin based paint. Our outdoor vinyl is glossy. Due to the combination of their matte finish and thin profile, once applied they are virtually indistinguishable from painted on lettering.  The lettering and graphics we sell are individually cut and should not be confused with lettering and graphics that are printed on a thin, transparent (but usually glossy) self-adhesive sheet.
How do you install the designs?      top 
Installation is easy and no previous experience is necessary.  We provide detailed installation instructions with each order.  To preview the installation steps please click here.
Does Words Anywhere have a  Satisfaction Guarantee?      top 
If for any reason you are less than completely satisfied with our product, simply return the lettering to us within 30 days of receiving it and we will recut it for you or issue you a refund**.  It's as simple as that! Maintaining your complete happiness and success as our customer is the only way we can hope to succeed ourselves. 

**For refunds on orders over $50 we retain a 20% restocking fee to help offset the materials and labor that went into your custom order.  We do not resell returned custom lettering so this fee helps to mitigate the loss. 
Our custom lettering is priced by the letter per the table below.  For phrases at 2" - 6" tall (shaded in blue) there is special discounting if your phrase has 20 characters or more.  With each added character the discount for that phrase increases.  You can save as much as 40%.  The discount is shown in the design center before you decide whether to add the item to your cart. 


How soon will I have my lettering or graphic?      top 
We have among the quickest turnaround in the industry.  All orders ship no later than the 2nd business day following receipt of payment.  Please see our production schedule to determine when you should have your lettering if you were to order today.

What surfaces can I apply the designs to?      top 
Our lettering is self-adhesive and will stick for years to most any smooth or semi-smooth surface . This includes glass, metal, plastic, smooth stone, and latex painted surfaces. Our lettering doesn't stick well to porous or semi-porous materials that are untreated such as brick, cinderblock, paper, and wood.  If these four surfaces have been treated with a sealer or latex paint (or anything else that closes the pores) vinyl generally works well on them. Vinyl works fine with lightly textured walls, however no very well on moderately to heavily textured walls.
Can I reuse the designs?      top 
No, generally our lettering has a one-time use.  When you remove the lettering and graphics they are commonly stretched out in the removal process.  While it may be possible to reposition a small letter or graphic, please keep in mind that each letter is precisely positioned with it's neighbors through software when we cut it from the vinyl roll.  That positioning is maintained by the mask that is over your lettering when you first receive it.  Once you install your lettering and remove the mask, each letter or graphic sticks to the wall individually.  To remove each individual piece without stretching it, and then to position it in a new location while preserving the original spacing/positioning would be next to impossible. 
Can the designs be used in rooms with high humidity like bathrooms?      top 
Yes, vinyl lettering and graphics do fine in a humid environment.  The key to their longevity in such an environment is that they are properly installed so that the adhesive forms a solid bond with the surface to which it's applied.  When applying vinyl the surface needs to be dust and grease free and completely dry.
Can I use the designs outdoors?      top 
Yes, we offer exterior grade vinyl in 14 colors.  Outdoor vinyl is glossy, which is different than indoor vinyl which is matte.  When you're choosing color in the design center you can choose from either the "Indoor Vinyl" or "Outdoor Vinyl" tabs.  At this time our pre-design layouts are available in INDOOR vinyl only. So if you order a predesign please know it will be in indoor, matte finished vinyl.  There is no extra charge for exterior grade vinyl.  *** Please be aware that exterior grade vinyl has a stronger adhesive than interior grade vinyl and it's not recommended that you apply exterior grade vinyl to latex painted walls.  Upon removing it from a latex painted wall you may find it peels up the paint.  Exterior vinyl is intended for glass, cars & trucks, plastic, smooth stone, etc. ***     
Can the designs be applied to tile?      top 
Yes, as long as the tile is not overly textured.  Slate tiles are generally not very good for vinyl because of excessive roughness/texturing.  Most tile are glazed which seals the tile's pores.  If you have specialty tile with no glaze then it may not provide a good sticking surface.
How long do I need to wait after painting before I apply vinyl lettering?      top 
We recommend that you wait 3 weeks after painting before applying vinyl lettering.  Even when paint is reasonably dry to the touch, there is still moisture wicking out of it.  Vinyl will not stick well to paint that has not fully cured.  The curing time may be somewhat shorter in drier climates, but no matter where you are we recommend a minimum of 2 weeks curing time.
Can vinyl lettering be cleaned?      top 
Yes, vinyl can be cleaned by gently rubbing with a rag dampened with warm water+mild detergent.
Can I order lettering or graphics that are over 12.5" tall?      top 
Yes, but the lettering will be broken into two or more separate panels that you slightly overlap at the time you install the lettering.  The process is actually quite simple to get the panels aligned, even novice installers need not be intimidated.  Lettering taller than 12.5" can only be ordered in the Advanced Design Center. Please contact us for more information.
How do you measure the lettering?      top  
We measure our lettering from the top of the tallest letter in a word or phrase, to the bottom of the lowest descending letter.  This is how the name "Stephanie" would measure at 4" tall.  Note that the overall height of the lettering is 4" but the individual letters are proportionally smaller.

Can I get a color sample?      top 
Yes, please use our email form to make the request.  Don't forget to include your physical mailing address and the colors you'd like to receive.  Also, if requested we are glad to mail you a sample word that you can apply to the wall to see how it works.  Please note, we can't customize the sample word. We will send a random word from our sample word bin. 
How do you remove the designs?      top 
Removing vinyl lettering is simple. Just grip the edge of a letter and peel up. You can use an exacto blade or tweezers to get an edge up if you can't get underneath it with your fingernail. The letters peel off just like a sticker. Usually each letter will come off as a single, intact piece (although they aren't reusable because they typically stretch upon removal).  If the vinyl doesn't seem to want to come off the wall easily, you can heat them up for a moment using a blowdryer set on "Hot". This warms and loosens the adhesive. If there is any adhesive residue left behind after removal you can remove it by gently wiping with a cloth and rubbing alcohol.
How can I get a catalog?      top 
At this time we don't offer a physical catalog.  All of our offerings can be viewed on our website. 
Can I purchase a gift certificate?        top
Yes, please click here Gift Certificate
I still have questions, where can I get more help?      top 
We encourage you to contact us with any questions not answered above, or if you require design help. 
Can I still access the old (classic) design center?      top 
Yes you can.  Having been in business since 2005 our design center has gone through one major update and a few minor ones.  Click here if you'd prefer to use the Classic Design Center.  It doesn't matter if you add items to your cart from the classic design center or the current design center (or a combination of both), it will all go into your same shopping cart.

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