Gift Certificates  
  Gift Certificate Purchase & Delivery Process

1.  Fill out the brief form below, add to cart,  and complete payment

2.  After 5pm MST on the day of purchase, we create the gift certificate and save it as a PDF file.  It will look like the sample gift certificate pictured below.   (what's a PDF file?)

3.  That same evening we email the gift certificate PDF to the purchaser.

4.  The purchaser decides how to deliver the certificate. She can forward the gift certificate via email to the recipient, or she can print the certificate and physically present it or mail it to the recipient. 

Purchase an Online/Emailed Gift Certificate
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Gift Certificate FAQ                                                             Top           

1.  Once I've purchased, how soon will I receive my gift certificate via email? 
Our formal policy is that gift certificates will be emailed by the second business day following the purchase.  In practice it takes us just a couple of minutes to generate the unique redemption code, create the gift certificate PDF, and email it.   If you need the certificate in a hurry please email us at or call us at 303-834-8122 once you've purchased and we'll get it emailed as quickly as we can (typically same day).  Saturday & Sunday purchases will be fulfilled on Tuesday. 

2.  Can Words Anywhere send the gift certificate directly to the recipient? 
No, not at this time.  We will send the gift certificate PDF file to the purchaser via email.  The purchaser then has the freedom to deliver it to the recipient in whatever way they choose as outlined in step 5 above.

3.  If Words Anywhere doesn't send the gift certificate to the recipient, why must I enter the recipient's email? 
It enables us to communicate with the person who owns the credit in the unlikely event there's any problem with the issued credit.  The recipient's email will never be used for any purpose beside communication about the existing credit should it become necessary.

4.  What do I do if I can't view PDF files on my browser? 
To view and print PDFs Adobe Acrobat Reader needs to be installed on your computer.  The Acrobat Reader program is a free download from Adobe and upon installation will be integrated into your browser.  You can complete the free download from Adobe by clicking here.  If you're unsure whether you can view PDF's, click on this link (what's a PDF file?).  If the message opens and you can read it, your browser is capable of viewing and printing PDFs.  Finally a little plug for the Acrobat Reader, there are so many pages on the web today that are in the PDF format that it has really become a necessity that your browser has the capability to view them.  

5.  What if I lose or accidentally delete the email containing the gift certificate PDF? 
There is no need to panic.  We save a copy of each gift certificate PDF that we issue and we can resend it to you at any time.  The key to the gift certificate is the unique 15 digit code at the bottom which can be used at checkout only once.  Because of the code's one-time use, we don't have a problem with resending the gift certificate.

6.  Can the recipient spend part of the gift certificate credit on one payment transaction, and the remainder on a second transaction later? 
Unfortunately our cart is set up such that the gift certificate must be fully redeemed in a single transaction.  There is no automatic way to credit the recipient with the remainder of an unused balance.  We do not give cash redemption for any unused balance.  The gift certificate is really aimed at paying for a portion of the recipient's purchase.  In other words, if a recipient has a $50 gift certificate and they want to use all of it they would need to purchase something that costs exactly $50 or more.  If their purchase totaled only $45 dollars, the gift certificate would be marked as redeemed in our database and the remaining $5 would go unused.  If their purchase totaled $55 they would use the entire $50 and would only need to pay the additional $5 themselves.  ******  For gift certificates that are over $100 we will work with the recipient if they would prefer to break the credit into two separate transactions...however it is a manual process. ******

7.  Do gift certificates "expire"? 
No, gift certificate credits do not expire.





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