Cut Vinyl  vs  Printed Vinyl  

Cut Vinyl
There are two types of vinyl lettering and graphics.  One is called "cut vinyl" and the other is "printed vinyl". Cut vinyl is words, numbers, and graphics cut from pre-colored rolls of vinyl. For standard words, numbers, and graphics that are solid colors and fall within the range of colors and fonts offered, cut vinyl is an excellent cost-effective option.  Design your cut vinyl layout now in our Design Center (Please note: everything you see on our website is 'cut vinyl'.  Printed vinyl can only be ordered using the upload form at the bottom of this page.)  

Vinyl rolls are pre-colored. This is our Blue vinyl.

Vinyl cutter cuts lettering and
excess vinyl is removed.

 Vinyl is removed from backing
paper and transferred to wall. 


Printed Vinyl
For vinyl applications where there is fine detail, many colors, color gradation (going from light to dark or vice versa), and more specific color needs, printed vinyl is the preferred solution.  With printed vinyl a large format printer prints an image on white vinyl and then a vinyl cutter cuts out those printed images.  Many times Logos, labels, stickers, etc. are most efficiently produced with printed vinyl.  

  The printer prints an image on
a special white vinyl, then cuts
around the image.
The image is then transferred
onto almost any smooth,
non-porous surface.
         ***  This example happens to be black printed on white.  Our printers are capable of printing the entire CMYK color gamut. ***

The process of applying cut vinyl and printed vinyl to a target surface is very similar.  If you've applied one or the other to a wall or surface, you have the knowledge needed to apply both.  If you've never applied either don't worry, a large percentage of our customers are "first-timers".  You will receive comprehensive application instructions with your order. 

Upload your graphic image or vector image to receive a no-obligation price quote.

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