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About vinyl lettering & graphics...

Our lettering and graphics are self-adhesive, paper-thin, individually cut, and matte finished.  Once they're applied to the wall (or wherever you're sticking them) they have the appearance of being painted on.  Our product has a one time use and is not repositionable. 

You may know of, or have heard of, repositionable vinyl graphics.  While they are similar to our product, one way they differ is the fact that they have a lighter adhesive and stick to the wall mainly by static cling.  This is what makes them repositionable.  It's a nice benefit to be able to move them around and you might wonder, "why aren't all vinyl lettering and graphics repositionable?"  The answer is simple, it's that a graphic is a single item.  It's relatively easy to move a single item from point A to point B.  Vinyl letters on the other hand are each individually cut.  Each character is, in essence, it's own little sticker.  Imagine how hard it would be to move each individual character to a new location without damaging it and while preserving the layout and spacing! 

So while they can't be repositioned, it's the fact that they're individually cut that gives them their "painted on" look.  Just like if you hand painted lettering on a wall, each individual character would be independent from it's neighbor with no physical substance connecting them.  It's the same with vinyl, the characters are independently written (i.e. adhered) to your wall in vinyl with the big advantage being that the lettering is removable.  Thus you have all the advantages of written or "painted on" words with none of the disadvantages.

About installation...
When we say that our lettering and graphics are "individually cut" please don't think that means that you're putting the lettering up one letter at a time!  Depending on the size of what you order you will likely be able to install your entire phrase at once or, if it's too large, in a few separate pieces.  We provide detailed installation instructions with each order and no prior installation experience is required.  We encourage you to review our comprehensive installation instructions to familiarize yourself with the product and process.  (installation instructions)

About purchasing with confidence ... start with TRUST...
While customers have many choices today when it comes to purchasing vinyl lettering and graphics, purchasing with Words Anywhere comes with some distinct advantages.  One of the biggest is a proven track record.  We've been in business online since 2005 and have tens of thousands of satisfied customers (testimonials).  Our satisfaction guarantee is one of the most simple, straightforward, yet comprehensive in the vinyl lettering industry (guarantee)

You might think, "Great, you have some 'happy customers' and a published guarantee but I don't know you from Adam,  how can I trust you?"  That's where our membership with the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau (BBB) comes in.  We have been members in good standing with the BBB since 2007 and have earned an "A+" rating from that agency (view BBB report).  We've received BBB Gold Star awards for each of the last three years 2008, 2009 and 2010.  Each Gold Star award signifies that we have received zero customer complaints reported to the BBB for the 3 years prior to the award.  So for example, a gold star award given for 2009 means we had no complaints registered with the BBB in the years 2007, 2008, & 2009 (view gold star awards)

We're big fans of the BBB slogan "Start with Trust" because with businesses increasingly remote from their customers, truly being able to trust the company you're purchasing from is of critical importance.  Trust is your starting point when you do business with Words Anywhere.

About product quality...
While trust is consideration number one, it's closely followed in importance by product quality and competitive pricing.  Our products are top of the line and dependable.  Our interior vinyl has a 3 year durability rating and exterior vinyl has a 5-7 year durability rating.  That's what the spec sheets say, but in practice we've found the lifespan of interior vinyl (in particular) to go well beyond 3 years.  We actually tell our customers that the lifespan of interior vinyl is indefinite because we've had indoor vinyl up for 8 years with no signs of peeling or degrading. 

About saving money...
Our pricing is amongst the lowest in the industry and our prices have not increased since we opened our doors in 2005!  Consequently the savings are excellent on all lettering/graphics we sell regardless of size.  Where we really shine though, with regard to pricing, is in the area of bulk discounts.  We offer per lettering pricing discounts on phrases of more than 20 characters at 2" -  6" tall lettering.  With each added character over 20 you will receive an increasing discount on that phrase.  You can save up to 40%!   We also offer automatic discounts over certain price thresholds.  10% off orders of $75 or more, 15% off orders of $100 or more, and 20% off orders of $125 or more.  With the right combination of lettering, and by combining the two saving methods, you can save a whopping 52% off your order!!  (click to see how)



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