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Understanding Cut Vinyl  vs  Printed Vinyl

Cut Vinyl –  Cut vinyl consists of words, numbers, and shapes cut from pre-colored rolls of vinyl. For standard words, numbers, and graphics that are a single color and fall within the range of the colors and fonts that we offer, cut vinyl is the most cost-effective option. The following illustrates how cut vinyl is created:

(1) Each roll of vinyl is a specific color. This is our blue vinyl:

Blue vinyl roll partially unrolled

(2) A vinyl cutting machine cuts out the lettering and the excess vinyl is manually removed:

(3) The vinyl is lifted off the backing paper and transferred to the wall by the use of disposable “transfer tape” (transfer tape not pictured):

Design your cut vinyl now in our Design Center.

(Please note: everything you see on our website is ‘cut vinyl’.  Printed vinyl can only be ordered using the upload form at the bottom of this page.)

Printed Vinyl –  For vinyl applications where there is fine detail, multiple colors, or color gradation (color change going from light to dark or vice versa) printed vinyl is the preferred solution. The following illustrates how printed vinyl is created:

(1) A large format printer prints the logos onto white vinyl, then a vinyl cutting machine cuts the logos out. The excess vinyl is removed manually.


(2) The vinyl logos are lifted off the backing paper and transferred to the wall by the use of disposable “transfer tape” (transfer tape not pictured):


The process of applying cut vinyl and printed vinyl to a target surface is virtually the same.  If you’ve applied one or the other to a wall or surface, you have the knowledge needed to apply both. If you’ve never applied either don’t worry, a large percentage of our customers are “first-timers”. You will receive comprehensive application instructions with your order.

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